The Red Pack
it’s because I feel absent
without her
I’m at odds with myself
and I’ll never beat this one
but when she’s with me
I feel alive
like a tiger or ninja fighter
me and my woman
no one drops a hint
only bombs instead of art
none of the bullshit
we use to give
killing them so quietly
should be in a library
still standing right there with
my dick in hand
hoping that you’ll notice
breaking promises I made
are nothing but vague lies
I’m going to hell
going there fast
can’t catch crazy
unlike the crabs
a prayer for the Holy
damnation for the dead
there’s a light
it does nothing else for me
except show off the
bridges that I’ve burned
over the past few years
I no longer live in the past
don’t use a rear view mirror
don’t run thru old tombs
like I have
I’m a handful, a loser,
I’m a dopefiend, I’m a mess
I’m just use to getting my way
I can’t slow down once I started
I am miserable, I’m insane
I’m leaking fluid right outta
my brain
ask no questions
I tell no lies
lost from the jump
evil surprise
rule on nothing
black or white
under or above
out of spite.
I need one to smoke
a Marlboro
one that’s extra
one that speaks…

codycleen 2023
© All Rights Reserved