The world is a weird place to be in

We wake up every morning.
Not knowing if it would be the last
We spent our time scrolling past live
Surviving rather than living
Being rather than feeling

We looked around our bedroom.
Noticing the pile of clothes in the corner
The book on the shelf
Waiting to be read
We didn't read it yet, we are still procrastinating.
The empty bag of chips on our desk
We still need to throw it away.

But instead of getting up and living life
We stay in bed for just a few more minutes.
Minutes turn into hours
Starting the day seems way too overwhelming,
We can't
We won't
There is so much to do, we think.
So we just do nothing.

We know,
The world is a weird place to be.
It's a lazy day after another.
It feels like an endless circle.

We sit at the dining table.
Eating lunch that we didn't cook
We ordered something again.
And we just eat it plain.
We can't just make it ourselves, can we?
We are bad at cooking.
So we just stopped caring and trying.
It's much easier that way.

A memory, this time a sad one
Creeps up on us
We don't want to remember
But we can't help it.
We think about it all the time.
It is not nice at all.
But that's just how it is.
What could we do about it?

Most of the time, we handle it differently.
We fill ourselves with fast food and Alkohol.
Until the strong emotions
Eventually disappear
It's just easier that way.

But this time
We chose not to do that.
We choose to let our emotions sit.
It doesn't feel good remembering things.
We forgot we even experienced

A few tears roll down our flustered
sad looking expression
Until we burst out crying

We know,
The world is a weird place to be.
There are emotions we don't want to feel
There are things we never wish to remember

© DenisTelemaris