Writer's Empowerment
Instead of just dreaming, have a plan and get started...
Plan ahead and don't waste it.
You're life is precious thus push through with it.
Don't just get started, move it and quitting should not be attempted.

Keep living with higher goals
With whaever you have, whatever tools
Don't be one of the fools
Who just sat there and kept disobeying the rules.

It's time to fight back from all the negativity,
Just start one activity
Move on with the next activity
and be active with in mind, some positivity.

Do it!
Don't just try!
Trying only means you step on unknown waters and cry.
You procrastinate until you die.

Do it!
Doing means you take action.
Taking action means no distraction.
Keep going with no negative thoughts, even in fractions.
© adelrey