People Pleaser 🙂
Let me say, I'm a people pleaser.

It's not that I'm born with that attitude,

But my surroundings made me one.

And now, I'm the one

Who is suffering so badly

Due to that attitude.

It got stuck on me like a Feviquick

That if I remove it from me forcefully,

Then it'll surely tears me up from my core.

I'm not afraid of unlearning,

But I'm afraid of the ones

Around me who doesn't even care to learn.

They instilled me with this attitude

And they now, doesn't even care about me.

And it really hurts me to so many layers.

I know I'm a People Pleaser.

I'm still afraid that if I don't please them

I won't have anyone with me.

I even get thoughts like,

If the ones I like doesn't like me back,

Then, no one else will love me.

I'm so afraid of my People Pleasing attitude

That it is making me blame myself

For everything.

I even wonder, why do i put

So much pressure on myself

To satisfy others?

I'm afraid of this attitude so much

To the extend that,

Automatically this attitude

Comes out from me, whenever

I find good in someone.

And it turns out like,

I'm begging for them to stay in my life,

Or else, I won't find someone better than them.

I don't know how much

Of my People Pleasing

Is reflected outside,

But I can definitely sense it

In my each and every cells.

For me People Pleasing sometimes comes

In the form of blush, shyness, affection
And drain out my confidence completely .

But at the same time, I swear I Love Myself

But this attitude sometimes

Consciously tells me to burn my consciousness

That I sometimes go senseless

That I'm not at all myself,

And I don't like that behavior of mine.

I don't want to be a People Pleaser.

I will never be a People Pleaser again.

If we vibe, we vibe

Or else get out,

Because I find Myself so Surreal

That I have to make me lower my

Intuitive level to match the ones

I'm spending my time with.

I realise that it really is bad for my health.

I will never never never be a People Pleaser,

Because I value the life I've got.

Unless I'm doing something bad intentionally

I will never worry about,

How you think about me,

Cause it's None of My Business.

I'm saying it here, People Pleasing

Is a disgusting attitude.

People, just dust yourself up

And Mind Your Own Business.
© 🐳Praveena🌌✨️

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