The Wise Friend
Trust those who speak of life in ebbs and flows.
For until they have fallen and risen, how can one know
that a crest and a trough feel like worlds away.
‘In that hole, on that hill, is not where you’ll stay.’

Trust those who believe in dark and in light
when they speak of the beauty of a bitter-cold night.
Trust the person who sees that your mind is in jeopardy
but reaches their hand out ever so gently and quietly.

Trust the person who asks you what colours you see
when you’re standing at the side of highway 83.
When you tell them the only colour you’re seeing is grey
Trust the person who points out your favourite shade.

Life was never meant to be tackled alone.
Trust the friend who promised to answer the phone.
When they remind you they’re here, that they’re there to confide in,
trust the person who shows you where all the good in the world has been hiding.

© Jodes.D