A feeling of emptiness

A feeling of emptiness
Seeks its own way to feel better
As our minds travel at a distance
We finally meet the destination we want.
Somewhere, where music exists,
In a world full of words and emotions,
Something that helps us breathe new air.
In a place where sounds are real.
In here, we have peace.
Imaginations are fine and instill
In deep thought, we aren't lost.
Here, we can express ourselves. 
In every tone, we synchronized;
The lyrics are full of rhymes.
It makes you feel comfortable with every beat,
As if you own the spotlight to dance around.
Unaware, we began to stamp our feet on the ground;
Humming with the music is all we've got.
At this time, we are loud and free,
Now a carefree person with a moment to seize.
When it's emotional,
Our eyes had been filled with sadness.
Those relatable lines cut deep inside
As tears began to fall like waterfalls.
We seemed to live our lives to the fullest.
Now, we see ourselves enjoying our own nature. 
We've discovered every tone runs smoothly.
As it keeps coming, we have lots of time to chill. 

© Jazzrylme_justreal