The Grip Of Mortality
The journey has come to an end,
Weaving through meandering paths,
Sometimes alone, often with a friend

Most often our experiences comes to an end. The scales of justice balance the times you may spend. Whether right or wrong gripping morality will sudtly slip in. Determining the outcome whether one loses or wins. Walking through life's pathways, sometimes circumstances becomes rugged, tripping your feet. You're physically bruised, and mentally weak. You look towards the sky and notice the stars. While chanting to the winds lifting expectations, wherever you are. Reaching towards the sky trying to get up, suddenly recalling how determine you must be. Starting the journey before daylight disappears. It's getting darker, the moonlight guiding your fears. Through the difficulties of traveling trying to figure out life. How long must you struggle through the unknown. Nevertheless, there are darker menacing shadows approaching quickly. There's know one to depend on. And there is know one willing to help. As the shadows comes closer. You notice the shadows are weightless without eyes. Messengers of death are extending themselves throughout the portals of your life. Closer to your heart strings meandering through your life. The grip of mortality.
© Daniel Mason