My 3⚖️Brothers "The SCALE ⚖️"
My Little Brother bro has always been like us but Different
My Little Brother E look like us But is Different
My Little Brother Shine Just Like Me "JOE" But He's Smooth And Melanin Like "Jon"
My Little Brother is Creative & Smart
My Brother's are soft spoken, dangerous & intelligent
My Brother's stick together, glue not made from this world
My mom taught us to play darts, So we're Blunt, Straightforward and Focus
My Middle Bro Is Talk Smooth Like Jazz
My Middle Bro is a Great Dad
My Middle Can Dress Sharp Ass Glass
MY Big Bro unbalanced but he's our balance to our scale ⚖️
My Big Bro is Fearless & Strong
My Big Bro Will be on your right or left💯
My Big Bro will Hold It Down 💪 ⛓️🐕🐕‍🦺🔗
My Brother's Love is the LIBRA SCALE
"I am what I am, I am... You and you are me."
October Is When They Feast
October Was When They Meet 10/13--10/22
Libras are loyal, To the ones are loyal.
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