my soulmate
My soul mate, the guy made for me,the guy sent to me, the guy I believe will be mine till the end of time.

My soul mate, time froze and I panicked not knowing that I am waiting for you. four years of being single,four full years of loneliness but finally God brought you to me.

we might have differences,we might have arguments but I know that you were brought to me for a reason. Sometimes the things you do and say breaks my heart making me to lose hope in us, but hey my love no one is perfect.

sometimes the things you say or do makes me feel like you care about me and sometimes the things you say or do makes me believe we have a future together.

My soul mate distance might try to separate us but love, our love is stronger than the distance between us.

Though the distance between us is killing me I believe that me and you are meant to be together forever.

My soul mate, my soul mate I love you with all my heart.Teamo mucho mi Amor ❤❤

By: Bongiwe Deedee Dube