shoot the moon

shoot the moon

tell la Luna it's about to go down
the light in the window illuminates the town

and no one pays attention

the absence of sound
the cow usually makes

no one is around who seems to notice

does anyone pay attention anymore?

are we living in a dream? or some game or matrix?
the moo is just the score
to a motion picture track
some disc some jockey threw playing Frisbee with some pooch.
Fido or spot or a Lassie named Rin tin tin

quite a sight to see that disc
the way they tend to spin
suspended animation
defying gravity

a really different kind of golf
sometimes they light on fire
blazing through the sky
they ask for not a thing and take whatever they please
you'll spend years wondering why
then violent like a sneeze it comes up

why you were vibrating but it never registered in your brain until voomp -
it halted
and then you out loud hear yourself saying, (sounding insane)

did you just feel the buzzing stop?

a thing youll spend years, decades, trying to learn
but gain little headway since you really dont want to know
,and that catch of the day

is really cuckoo ka chew

lil' ol' you

maybe not so much caught but abducted

but shout the details
few will listen

tell all you want

well make more

we own the winning score

© All Rights Reserved