A beautiful dream
I didn't get to see you today...
My eyes are searching for you in the crowd,
Hoping to get a glimpse but you're nowhere to be found.
I shouldn't feel as dejected as I do,
But I needed a little bit of spark after the days that I've been through.
There you are, after looking over and over,
Now I'm unconsciously moving a little more closer.
You're my energy dose from a one second glance,
So what happens when our eyes meet?, will there be a chance?
What if there are hearts drawn around my name?
If there isn't, will we really stay the same?
So many questions going inside my head,
None of them have answers I'm afraid..
Yes I've always wanted to be invisible,
But never knew it hurts this much.
I should probably go,
But as you pass by me our hands touch...
Trembling I drop my books and a portrait of you slides out.
I thought you wouldn't look, but now I'm caught...
What words should be said? How will this end?
You help me and go, taking my drawing with you,
You've unlocked a feeling I actually never knew.
Now, I'm standing there frozen,
Too stunned to believe that surprisingly, no words were needed to be spoken...