Ceiling Light
To the ceiling light that hangs over my bed,
I wish to know your story,
I know how you got there but I wonder how you got there
And for life became the epitome of ' hang in there ',
Do you like it, is it homey there?
I mean I know this is crazy to say but I hope you're not afraid of heights,
I hope you don't tell who comes after me what you see when I dream in the night,
I sometimes wonder how many you've looked down upon before me,
Did they also run to turn you on when they felt unsettled or had nightmares?
Did they feel warm in the room when they saw your light?
Or is that just me? Are you playing with my might?

Dear ceiling light that hangs over me when I sleep,
What's the vision from up there 'cause from down here you just look like the sun,
There's not much about you to say
Or maybe that's just what you want me to think,
You have an interesting story to share,
I'm sorry, I know I only dust you once in a while I know that's unfair,
Dear ceiling light that hangs there,
Blink twice if you need a new bulb
Or even if it's just a swing from left to right,
I absorb your light, you're not stingy even when I gulp,
Shine on my moonlight, goodnight,
Keep keeping watch over me over night,
It's that time again, outside there is no more daylight,
Let me retire, I've reached the red light, goodnight..