The Stranger I Knew
We meet people
Things happen with them
they change in ways good and bad
and we deal with they do to us
long after they're gone.
I wish I mirror the things
as they really are,
but life makes you
put up a smile brighter than the day
like nothing ever happened.

You meet the departed ones yet again
like strangers who know your deep dark secrets
you wonder what made you drift apart
where did the fault lines go deep
you wonder if you were not good enough
as things changed,
and somehow you forget the
cuts in your heart ran deep
too hard to hold on
too hard to not let go
too hard to not move on

You remember the days you cried, roared
injured from wounds they gave,
making it hard to love yourself, trust yourself
each day with so many anxious minutes,
and yet you wonder what happened
what made you drift apart!

And then it dawns upon you,
they have went on with life
you must too,
yet mysteries of 'why not me' cripple you

With a shattered you,
the world seems full of strangers again
with no one to go to
you hold yourself tighter.
With grief immeasurable
your cries and screams confined to
4 walls at weird hours of night and day

No closures, no apologies
it only happens in the movies
but trust me these days pass too
with wounds half healed
you learn to find a new you
somehow again!