Once Upon You And I
I wrote in my diary
Of our first meeting
Yet it doesn’t need to remind me
Of how much of a stunning view
You were that day.

I spoke to you
What my heart had pumped
To my head including the
Promises I didn’t intend to keep
Yet I wanted you to believe.

I hurt you
Their is no simple explanation
To defend my infatuation
Without including the sex was my vision
Just the thought of being your first
Felt like a goal I had to score.

I fell for you
Thinking you would magically
Feel the same, your guard was up
Knowing I came with an intention
But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

So I left
Feeling I was not enough
Even though shame and pain
Follow me like a shadow
In this act I call the heartbreak.
© Poetic Neighborhood