Life In Drenches
Living in drenches, in the midst of the storm,
Where the rain beats down, and the winds doth swarm,
Where the skies are gray, and the light is gone,
And the nightmarish feeling stays on and on.

Days start blurry, the world in a haze,
And the struggles one face, never cease to amaze,
Like swimming upstream, against a raging flow,
Where every step is a battle, against an unseen foe.

But still we push on, through the drenches of life,
Through the pain, the storms, and all the strife,
For we know deep down, that the sun will shine,
And the clouds of darkness, will disintegrate in due time.

So we carry on, with hope in our hearts,
Believing in the power, that love imparts,
Trusting that brighter days, are yet to come,
And the dry land of victory, we will soon be on.

Living in drenches can feel like a curse,
But it's also an opportunity, to prove our worth,
To show ourselves and the world, what we're made of,
That even in the storm, we can rise above.

So if you're in the midst of a downpour,
Just hold on tight, and never lose your core,
For the drenches won't last forever,
And the sun will shine again, let's just endeavor.
© Japheth