Bruised Castaway
In the stillness of the night, I confide
Of lost friendships and fleeting love beside
For every time I opened my heart and soul wide
They simply vanished, as though a mere tide

I stand here, bearing scars of parting ways
As friends turned foes in the hazy maze
Every bond broken, a heart quietly sways
In the echo of silence, lost in a daze

I pour my trust like a river running true
Only to see it wasted, like morning dew
My self-respect fades, in the eyes of few
Used and discarded, feelings askew

It's me they seek, in moments of need
But when the tide changes, they show no heed
Just like a juice can, tossed aside with speed
Leaving me stranded, in this wilderness of greed

So I embrace the pain of departures past
As lessons learned, shaping me steadfast
In the ebb and flow of friendships that don't last
I cannot hold onto myself, despite the contrast


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