Extra Scene I wrote for Cyrano De Bergerac (poetry) (let me know what you think)
At the rising of the curtains Cyrano is lying on the ground under the tree, believed to be dead. Roxane is alone sitting on his chair sobbing.
The leaves are still busy falling.
Scene 6.VI.
Cyrano and Roxane. Then De Guiche, the sisters, and Le Bret.
ROXANE (Through sobs)
My heart is as blue as the sky. My love, my love, I mourn not for the first time, but for a second, although the first time I knew not it was you. Cupid’s arrow has struck my heart for you, and has split it into pieces that could not ever be mended by anyone. ( She gets off the chair and sits by him. She wraps her hands around him, and sobs all the more. She begins to whisper): I swear I shall never love another, for tis impossible. I cannot bear the thought to live without you.
(Cyrano slowly has begun to gain consciousness, and hearing her professions of love and feeling her arms around him has decided to listen for once to what he has waited for and wanted for years and years. His joy was overflowing due to how much she loved him. He was so happy that it was dark enough that she could not see his smile which was growing bigger than the sunrise in the morning.)
I promised that I would mourn Christian too, yet tis you alone whom I will miss and love forevermore. I miss you and your words of poetry and love combined. How could I ever have been so blind, as not to know it was you.

(Cyrano touched by her words and weeping cannot bear it any longer and slowly opened his eyes.)

CYRANO (In whispers)
My love, my love, mourn not for I am with you still. Your words of love have poured new life to me, I could not simply let death be. Unlike the leaves that fall to ground bravely in order to die, due to you and only you, I now will arise and fight. Anything for you my dear, you ask it and I let be. Your love so bright burns like a fire, and has rekindled me.

ROXANE (surprised and crying with tears of joy)
Cyrano! My love for you is bigger than mountains high, and valleys low. The joy you bring me tis so grand that without you I am morbid. (Beginning to rise): A doctor I must now call, for the thought of losing you I cannot bear. I shall be back shortly.

CYRANO (grabbing her by the arm)
Leave me not yet, someone approaches, my love.

(De Guiche appears on the steps acting as if he is sad.)

DE GUICHE (Shocked at seeing Cyrano still alive, speaks through clenched teeth)
Cyrano…… you are alive…..

(The sisters at hearing De Guiche begin to run outside and rejoice at this news)

De Guiche (aside)
MORDIOUS! STILL ALIVE! My plan to assassinate Cyrano has failed, now I may not yet be with my love! This is outrageous!

(he exits the scene, upset, yet undefeated).

CYRANO (to Roxane who has begun to leave to get a doctor)
Leave me not, ask one of the kind sisters to go for you.

SISTER MARTHA (overhearing, says to Roxane)
I shall go call a doctor, stay with your love you must.

(she exits the scene hastily)

I shall go get some water for Monsieur Cyrano.

(Le Bret enters hastily an hour later)

LE BRET (In excitement and horror)
Cyrano! I heard that you are alive! Thank God! My friend, I wish time there was to celebrate, however, I just overheard a new plot against you. De Guiche, the Viscount De Valvert, and Montfleury plan to at your very own house kill you!

What horrors! De Guiche my friend was, or so I thought. That deceitful traitor, my love was his desire all along! No, never shall he get it! (to Cyrano): My heart belongs to you and you alone! Come! Anywhere, but your house we must go! I cannot lose you yet again.

CYRANO (to Roxane)
Runaway? I cannot, and will not. I shall stay here with you. (to Le Bret): Know you when, and what o clock they plan to kill me?

LE BRET(to Cyrano)
Today at six o clock.

Why, tis six o clock now! I hear footsteps, did you not say the location was his house?

Why yes! They must have known that I overheard them!

(Loud footsteps coming from the stairs can be heard. De Guiche, Viscount De Valvert, and Montfleury appear sword in hand)

Cyrano is mine!

Nay, mine he is!

Revenge I must have! A coward you were last time, and you ran!

Well, I didn’t fight him and lose!

Is that a challenge!
(draws out his sword) Yes!

(The Viscount draws his sword out and they fight)

THE VISOUNT (he stabs Montfleury through the middle and begins to rant)
I won!

MONTFLUERY (breathing heavily and struggling to speak. )
Tis …. what …. you …think… (he stabs the Viscount through the middle).

(everything is shockingly silent, and De Guiche steps forward.)

DE GUICHE (to Roxane)
What I now shall do, tis not something you should see. I ask of you to leave.

Never! Pretended to care about my broken heart, all these years you have, just because you wanted my love! I shall never leave, and I shall never love thee!

Fine! If that tis the way you want it, that tis the way you will have it! Watch your dear Cyrano die in front of your eyes you will!

(he steps towards Cyrano, but Le Bret stands in the way.)

LE BRET (to De Guiche)
Get through me first you shall have to.

(He draws out his sword and holds it up)

A challenging duel, excellent! A real fight for me! A duel with injured Cyrano, will not be hard, so a little fun first!

LE BRET (to De Guiche as they begin to fight)
If dying tis fun, then fun you shall have.

(An hour of ducking, lunging, thrusting, and battling goes by.)

DE GUICHE (as they fight)
Like your friend Cyrano said to my friend the Viscount, at the envoi’s end I touch.

(Just then his sword barely misses Le Bret’s middle, and Le Bret stabs De Guiche in the middle. De Guiche falls to the floor)

LE BRET (to De Guiche)
Kill my friend you shall not.

(He sticks his sword into De Guiche’s chest, and De Guiche is dead)

CYRANO (to Roxane)
Like flowers in the spring, my love blossoms with everything. Go on without you I cannot. Roxane, will you take my hand in marriage.

ROXANE (to Cyrano)
Hoping you would ask, I was! Of course!

(They kiss)


© Stacy A Parker