I can't
I want to share what I am feeling
but I can't,
I want to say what I mean,
but I can't,
I want to cry so hard,
but I can't,
I want you to listen me,
but that not possible,
the time is going so fast,
even I can't decide what is right,
things are getting complicated,
I don't know how to deal with it,
I am trying to getting over it,
but everything reminds me back of it,
before starting something new,
I stop at the a point asking myself... who are you,
every passing day kills me silently,
but still a hope of forgetting everything slowly,
dont know whether it's possible or not,
but I really tried to manage a lot,
I do think,
that my problem isn't that big,
but it is,
try to think what others feel,
the only things I love are going away from me,
this hurts me more than anything,
because those things never hurted me,

© coldgirl