A Simple Gesture
Sometimes a smile is all it takes,
To lift a heart that’s about to break,
Or even just a quick hello,
To let someone know they're not alone.

A simple gesture, kind and bright,
Can turn their darkness into light,
A moment's pause, a gentle touch,
Can mean so very, very much.

"How are you today?" those words so small,
Can catch someone before they fall,
In this world, where we all strive,
These acts remind us we're alive.

Or even just a quick hello,
A check-in, “Hey, are you okay?”
In these small acts, connections grow,
And chase the clouds of gloom away.

A tiny spark of kindness shared,
Shows someone else that you have cared,
In this vast world, it’s plain to see,
A little warmth brings harmony.

So offer smiles, and words sincere,
To those you meet, both far and near,
For kindness in the smallest way
And brighten every passing day!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo