The Order I Peck
My life is not at all the same as it was yesterday
And I'm sure as shit I have some god or goddess to thank
As I recall parlously begging of a sky— quite grey
I recall spilling my tea— being excessively frank

I somberly swore I'd yield any price there was to pay
I'd bear any fee— my ego— my pride— notes from a bank
I'd wage any toll— any fee for a better today
I swore I would pay anything to be pulled off the plank

I offered a blank cheque that my dolorous hand pre-signed
It may be an overly naive way of writing cheque
But I wasn't always so much of a pure mastermind
I used to be akin to a Titanic-sized shipwreck

But due to some god or goddess and a blank cheque combined
My life is now brand new— it's shiny, with only one speck
That persevere's— living its best life, rent-free, on my mind
Who's the head honcho— the master of the order I peck?

Which diety cashed into their bank that blank cheque I wrote?
Which god or goddess heard my words— heard out my desperate plea?
To whom do I need to write the long, heartfelt thank-you note?
Should I write down, thank you so much, dearest Calliope?

Is it Zeus or Asclepius who owns the right to gloat?
Could it be Thoth that cleared my mind— cleared out all my debris?
I sure as hell hope that I was not answered by the goat
But at the end of the day— I'm now free— I've become me

#gods #wordplay #rhyme #addictionrecovery
© danie_af