Poem : Net Result in NEET Exam.
Poem : Net Result in NEET Exam.

Net result in NEET exam
Just stress, just stress
Test money went to water
Fare of Train bus
That also went deep in the water,
The body is sick in the heat of the sun
immobile is worrying mother.
If the jewelry in last possession
is sold again of my mother
failed in the re-examination,
Who will to us look after ?

So I am a village boy
I will not sit to be gainer
I see better than this
SA RE GA MA audition
Or plowing the field carrying on .

But think about this
Where are the tigers of media ?
Those with huge intimidation
Like ED, CBI , RAW squad,
are they now fully dead ?

So if that's the case,
Where those administrators are
taking alluring salaries they are
making only pot-belly
Sleeping on luxury bed
Or truly are very afraid ?

Or entwined with dishonesty
Playing with guilt -guilty
With many high hands as heard
Else why not they work hard?

So I understand that
They have forgotten the spying act
Hence before the exam NEET
Providing training is today's need .

21.06.2024.T( Original Bengali)
Writco: 22.06.2024.

© Don't KR