Praise the lord God and have faith on Him.
He drops on the sandy folds,
Of a deathly bed,
A lost traveler of a mighty desert,
Parched throat, cracked skin,
He is his own Messiah,
Or another vagabond victim...

Don't know and can't remember
what all has happened
nobody nearby to ask
and get the answers from them.

It seems darkness here
the shadows eating out
more often slowly or speed
it is very much a good confusion.

Trying to hold on to
trying to survive
praying for life
worried about leaving the beautiful world.

Asking for forgiveness
if anything wrong done
maybe this is the last moment
everyone talks about.

Chanting the name of God
and moving on he finds something moving
some person approached him and
offered food and drink.

After having the same
finding again new strength
taking some rest
he turned to thank the person.

The moment he turned
he found no one beside him
surprised he thought whether he was dreaming
but he saw the water and food still remaining.

He understood it was God
in disguise ofcourse
came to help his devotee
and he couldn't even recognise from within.

He held remorse
tears flowing through his eyes
thankful he was in extreme
he looked towards the sky.

From bottom of his heart
he thanked God
he was happy to find himself lucky enough
that the Lord himself came to help him.

As he gained strength
he started returning to his home
singing and dancing
to the Lord's name.

Prayers never left his lips
he had found his Lord
walking with him and
blessings reigning.

Happiness never left his side
he would always abide the Lord's rules
preaching others the good thoughts
and to have faith on Him.

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