Words (2023)
There are things I want to say, but when I try to articulate them, my words derail like a train.

If only he could see himself from my perspective.

Attention to detail, but extremely selective.

I’ve traced his lip line in my mind a thousand times.

There’s nothing I can do to get him out of my mind.

He’s a lover, not a friend; let’s not play pretend.

Let me reassure him until the very end.

Emotionally malnourished even though he’s the purest.

Thirsty for love, he’s been too busy trying to fill the void with temporary joy.

His eyes could be the darkest night or the brightest star, bringing the only ray of light in sight.

That depends on which side of him he allows you access to ignite.

There’s something about his hands that makes me crave to feel our fingers intertwined.

He’s the type of man I want to wine and dine with.

He is like the treasure I’ve been hunting for my entire life.

X marks the spot, but that’s not where the hunting stops.

I would bleed out on the floor if I ever had the pleasure of calling myself his wife.

And to think, there have been people who have walked out of his life and left him feeling empty on the inside.

If only he knew that’s what those people were supposed to do because they didn’t recognize his value.

He was left feeling empty on the inside because they couldn’t provide what he needed because they were too busy trying to eat him alive.

For him, I’ll sharpen my knife and carve out every bad thing that was implanted into his mind.
© princessxjes