it's ok
I do,,,
it is to start,
to take away.
Look I know that I haven't said much toya,
I'm not a kid and I can't no, won't act like one
how can I give love when none is given, I know it good to play and have a good time once in a while but now that's all it seem to be anymore,
I never had to ask for love before love to me was freely given.
I'm not like you,
When I fell for you things were different, I read all and I understand that they're there and I'm not, but as you see I'm not making a fuss.
I need you to be happy and if they make you happy the I'm all for it other than that I don't know what to say. Some talk all this stuff about success well
you are my success the only success that I want to succeed at. I never met anyone like you before and it is a privilege to even be able to talk to someone like you. Look if you want me to start talking to you again I will.
I don't ask for anything more.
Enjoy yourself,
your friend
© writer