Trapped inside this imaginary cell,
premonitions got the best of me.
My cowardice is a brass lock,
and courage would be the key.

No room left to breathe,
nobody left to confide.
Will I ever escape from here?
For now, I'll have to abide.

I surrender to the capsule,
not knowing what's to come.
Letting go of my future worries,
to my memories I succumb.

I disregard the thought
that this'll be my tomb.
I turn to reminiscence,
going back to the womb.

Seasons are passing by,
I could not even tell.
Eyes devoid of the sunrise,
waiting to escape the shell.

Loneliness creeps back in,
I almost drown in my tears.
I send out prayer after prayer,
but they only fall on deaf ears.

All I have left is my misery,
and a sliver of dark hope.
Hope that the reaper will rid me
of the two things I still own.

Heart plunged into darkness,
a blind and foreboding midnight.
Relieving cuts form in the walls,
finally feeling the early light.

Granted by freedom and wisdom,
I think back to my cocooned phase:
Good and bad times wait for none.
Depression is a price everybody pays.

The stairwell to happiness has comes around,
so I spread my wings and take to the skies.
Metamorphosized into a changed butterfly.
Back to the here and now, life is full of surprise.

© Mustafa Khan 2007