noone will ever know
They thought that they've found each other. But on the way one of them got lost. Days went by without any reply. Maybe one of them will deny the emptyness that now prevails. No words to say, no thoughts to think. They thought they found each other, but one of them decided to distance himself. One decided to let the other one down. Why did one of them chose the path without and the other one the path with? New circumstances? Büchner once said: Circumstances are beyond us. So, is there guilt? The problem with ghosting is, the other one disappears and that can be much more worse than a reason. Why'd one of them do such a thing? Circumstances? Choice? No thoughts. Now, there are no words to say, no thoughts to think, cause it's over for one of them, or both of them, at least that's what I think.
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