Angel Of Love

I was a mulling brain, she makes me relax!
It was a bless in disguise, I get an angel of wax!!

She snatched my soul, just by touching my hand!
I was feeling afraid of loss , she was a slippery sand!!

First time, I have seen an angle, who speaks of love!
She looks out of universe, she never used dove!!

I was feeling jealous of her way of talk!
She looks seed & I feel a remaining stalk!!

The way I was staring her, & she did blush!
For the time being, my mind & soul get rush!!

That day I feel, ugly face is cool, but ugly mind is a curse!
And this ugly curse , need to be immerse!!

But she was an angle, made up of wax!
She told me, to stare at her and get relax.!!

That day, I understood, angels are the beauty of serene!
That's the reason, everyone wants angel, who is unseen!!
Angel is a beauty of heart, that every women can have!
We don't believe in it, because we don't does nav!!
© Stupor Osama