What is it that belongs to Us
"Vote for a change" that's always been the cycle, now I'm with the cause, and it's gon' be whatever it got to be, and that's the consequences you earned to build this nation that you hate your peoples in, here's to getting exactly what you deserve, it ain't hard to see you not for me, how you 'posed to serve and lead with your eye on the prize

This is our Land the very same Land of our forefathers that has been held hostage by the Apartheid Government and we fought them and they gave us back what was ours, our freedom, we "claimed" it back but now we have to fight for it once again, but this time we fighting each other, our very own Government.

We fighting the very same "Black Government" that belongs to us, the one we thought would have our very best interests and it decided not to share with us, its own people, they don't wanna share with them what's due to them, I mean why not share them a slice of their own bread and they'll rejoys.

Some people can never give up not until they claim all things for themselves, what is it that belongs to us?

We ain't never free. They don't want to see a young black person succeed, they don't want us to eat, they don't want to see a brother take his brothers out of the streets, they don't want to see their own people living good and at ease, they wanna lock them all up and then get rid of the keys.

Should we go back to silence? To remind ourselves of what was the purpose of the fighting and all the bloodshed in this Land, wasn't it the plan to rebuild our home better an stronger from what we learned through Apartheid?

Somebody please, speak sense to this people, maybe, just maybe, they might realize that they fought a great fight and they were supposed to be enjoying the victory and the Land of their own should be peacefulness.

Mk please do us all the Honer and lead us back to our victory days, this people thinks they took your Speer 🗡 but they put it right next to you.

The only thing I can do is turn to the ballot paper and do my best to help you climb through and when you make it to the Throne, give me your eyes, watch over me closely 'til it's my due diligence 'cause isn't just about you.

Take your Speer and get comfortable, embrace yourself for a change 'cause you never do, you always hiding, go outside and show the world a better you, you the furthest from weak we can't escape the fact that they ain't grateful for the life and the prize you reap for them through the bloodshed every day and every night