I wish I could go back in time
maybe I could feel my mother's love again,
or maybe I could make my father stay?
but I know that’s impossible
and I can’t undo the trauma;

now all I have is a jealous heart inside,
I lie to women and make them cry
and each morning, I find myself alone again,
with a bitter taste, full of regret,
and this comedown might fucking kill me
because I got no one left to save me;

I only know the serpent's kiss,
and every night I drown in guilt
and every morning in regret,
knowing I will never find the one
who can love me, and all my flaws;

I can never make them stay,
even though they always get their way;
they leave me bitter and betrayed,
with nothing left but memories, that fade;
maybe I'm too far gone to fight;
but I know that I can't go on like this,
living in a state of constant antagonism.

© edw6rd