weight on my shoulders
Weight on my shoulders,
A burden I carry alone,
Pressing down with each step,
Heavy as a heart turned to stone.

Every worry, every fear,
Stacked upon my weary frame,
Causing my spirit to falter,
Slowly bowing my head in shame.

The weight, oh how it clings,
Like chains made of doubt and regret,
Tugging at my most fragile seams,
Leaving my soul with deep-set fret.

I bear the weight, day by day,
A solitary struggle, never-ending,
Shouldering the troubles and woes,
Withstand them all, undyingly pretending.

But as the burdens multiply,
And the heaviness becomes too much,
Sometimes I yearn for a helping hand,
A compassionate touch.

For it's hard to see a glimmer of light,
When all seems engulfed in endless gray,
The weight relentless, relentless,
Threatening to steal my very breath away.

Yet still I trudge forward,
Through the darkness I must roam,
For there's a strength in my bones,
And a fire burning deep within my home.

With each step, the weight propels,
Fueling a resilience, firm and sure,
A reminder that even amidst the struggle,
Hope can be the ultimate cure.

So I hold my head a little higher,
And straighten my tired spine,
For I am more than this heavy load,
I am a spirit that will forever shine.

Weight on my shoulders, yes,
But I am not defined by its grip,
For I will rise above the burden,
And with my own strength, I will equip.

And though the weight may linger,
I will not be crushed beneath its force,
For within me lies a resilience,
A power to steer my own course.

Weight on my shoulders, I bear,
But I refuse to let it break me,
For I am a warrior, strong and brave,
And through the darkness, I will see.

New poem written by my William castleman
© All Rights Reserved