The Embrace of Despair
In the grips of a panic attack so severe,
I feel the weight of despair drawing near.
I am lost in a tempest of fear and doubt,
In a never-ending cycle of darkness throughout.

But I find no solace, no reprieve in sight,
As I struggle to navigate through this endless night.
Despair clings to me like a suffocating shroud,
A heavy burden that I cannot cast out.

In the depths of despair, I feel so alone,
Lost in a darkness that becomes my only home.
The panic grips me tighter, with no end in sight,
And I'm left to battle this endless fight.

So I surrender to the despair that reigns,
Lost in a world where nothing remains.
In the shadows, I fade, a soul forlorn,
As the panic attack leaves me torn.

© Jellal_asuma