Flag Burning
Flag Burning
You burn our Flag
You weren’t brave enough fight for it
But you burn it
You weren’t born here
But you burn it
You don’t even know what it stands for
But you burn it
Did you know it stands for the blood
The blood of the soldiers who died
But you’ll still burn it
Soldiers who bled for you
But you still burn it
If you burn their flag what would happen?
You would be jailed or killed
But you would be our flag?
If you hate our country
Don’t insult the ones who have gave life and limb
Our flag is ours
Not yours to burn
Cowards who ran from their country
And ignorant Americans
Burn our flag
Like children who don’t get their way
You destroy
You burn our flag
The spirits of our soldiers will come
As you burn our flag
They will follow you
As each ash hits the ground
You released another to return
To haunt you till your death
As you burn our flag
Remember they are around you
The will get you
You will burn as the flag burns
The here after waits to roast you
Cowards die a cowards death
So watch the flag burning
You will see what your soul will for an
As you burn our flag

© Robert prezioso