Life's Voyage (1/2): Sunken Ship
My heart is a sinking ship
Lost in the downpour
My cries going unheard
Fate is settling the score

I lock myself below deck
To avoid the imaginary rain
But water seeps in
And tears pour again

My hull has crumbled
My walls have broken down
The sinking ensues
It's now do or drown

I call out for salvation
For another to be my shore
When it's finally in sight
"It's a mirage once more"

A once raging ocean
Has become a dark abyss
I anchor to the seabed
Gone is my spirit to resist

The tide has changed
I find solace when alone
Loathing myself for it
But at least in my comfort zone

The ship sits at the bottom
Disguised as buried treasure
Appealing to lost sailors
As the cure to unyielding weather

Dragging others down
For a sense of validation
Stripping them of their sails
Sharing my inundation

My mindset is the tide
Clarity coming in waves
Ultimately anchored by fear
I lack all that I crave

My mind is a sunken ship
Lost to the depths of blue
Now one with the abyss
Nothing left to subdue

© Mustafa Khan 2007