Rise up from dead
I can hear you.
You are calling my name?
So that's how people behave,
After the end of the game?
Oh, sorry my bad...
it's not a game at all.
It's actually a phase,
after the lifeless hand fall.
They say, I'm wanted
They say, I'm loved
Can you open this tape from my mouth
So that I can shout?
Can you look at my eyes
And say you're right?
Can you stand in front of Almighty
And say I had a meaningless fight?
Now that I cut my wrist
I am the one whose a coward?
And what about the fight I fought
For exact 15 years continuous?
Sleep was never a sleep
Rather it was an escape.
You are all monsters who kept,
My mouth shut with a tape!
Wish God comes to you &,
Not as your child but as your punisher,
Who could burn you alive and shout at you
Dictating how your daughter was a fighter.
It was you guys!!
who tore me in shred,
I wish to kill you all alive
if I ever rise up from dead.

© Kim Arium