Resonance of Time: Year End Echoes
In the silent whispers of the year's final night,
Echoes of moments take their flight. Reflections dance on the walls of time, In the twilight of December's chime.
Echoes resound,
tales rich and bold,
Emotions intertwined,
stories untold.
A year's journey penned in pages flown,
In the echoes of each breath and groan.
Through valleys low and peaks that soar,
Echoes carry both pain and galore. With every laugh,
each tear we shed,
Echoes etch memories in our head.
From hopeful dawn to dusk's embrace,
Echoes linger,
leaving a trace.
In the heart's symphony,
a bittersweet tune,
Echoes of farewells and dreams that cocoon.
The ticking clock,
relentless sound,
Echoes lessons on yearly rounds. Forgiveness whispered in echoed regret,
New dreams forged in yearnings met.As fireworks paint the sky's bright hue,
Echoes celebrate the year's adieu.
In every soul,
a spark,
anew ignite,
Echoes guide through day and night.
The year's end whispers its last goodbye,
Echoes linger,
reaching for the sky.
Embrace their whispers,
learn and grow,
For in their resonance,
life's beauty shows.
Each echo a story,
a moment's embrace,
Reflecting the mosaic of time and space.
In echoes,
find solace,
let wisdom unfurl,
For echoes carry the essence of the world.
In the hush of the night,
as stars align,
Echoes of past,
Year End Echoes,
a poignant tale,
Of love,
of loss,
of strength to prevail.
As the new year dawns,
fresh and bright,
Echoes of the past fade in the light. Embrace the echoes,
the memories they weave,
For in their whispers,
life's essence you'll perceive.
© #kukku2024