Night Walker part 2
Full moon melts into my heart
Filling me with voracious rage
Intoxicating my thoughts while
Strengthening the fight in my
Heart as my prey surfaces in
The distance as a silhouette
Eyes emitting a glow of red
That pierces the fog within my
Eyes howling through my soul
The voices of corrupt mistakes

Wounded from battle I stalk
My prey drawing closer with
Each shakey breath as blood
drips from my tongue the words
Of war circling my mind fall flat
Onto the grass tainted by the
presence of malevolent spirits
Swimming through my soul
Poisoning my self-esteem laughing
As they scratch the wall of sanity
Within my contorted mind

I pounce on my prey with
Concentrated force gnawing
The limbs of the beast while
Familiar voices emerge from
Its mouth speaking discouragement
Into my spirit weakening my energy
Howling through the moon shading
It in shadows of shallow pools of
Crimson tears that rain down on
The fight for freedom
© 2023