fantasy _ birthday (f1)
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fantasy birthday (f1)
#seduce#dream #sucess

one day I heard jeras speaking of the ninety boy
how could a ninety hold the strength of the ninety?
one day I heard of the ninety boy
how could the strength cause an alarm

. Through the inch and sleek of our barefooted town
though the seemingly rejection speak of woe

the maids only wash the hours of strife
slow and bumpy drive thru the day
we are only led by the blinks of lights
that one day the socks and wears we wear we're drifted off by loud snore and toils

we drifted for a tore like f1
but our back were too crook to imagine clearly what joi it might have started us
the sound of music hits hard on the sidewalks it exhumes in the darkenss of fear with whispers revealled on the gruntled papers and wide looks
followed by red enemy burnt at side wais
it was said of the boy make a wish as u blow ur candle
then he drifted into a lowly sleep
getting to meet the old woman who worked hard for days
her heads were like red enemies lining in d gruntled road
was it a sli road ?
how could a sly street talk about the strength of a thousands ?
her face speaks in the dark hours of strife
her face speaks flood and waste
her face lights up d world of darkness
her heads up in dignify worries
it might speak of my days
or our days
the print of sudden migrations
lines up her crooked face
but it will surely fade away
at the sudden refusal of the rogue
it might take a toil to walk through our socks and wears
it might take a while to win
it might take a few more wins to clear our requests
it might come like a heavy pandemic
shouting Jesus Christ is lord
or Jesus our superstar?
will he make a wish for death
or rush into temporary atonement
sometimes when ur days are long u
drifted into sleep
like the drift of empty servers in the party watching in the cold night
like cans emptying the bladder
the best way to survive is to imagine.

© oneb