Silent as Mimes when they fight

Day fell silent, as silent as the night,

Just quiet it was, like mimes when they fight

My own voice I hear, I cry with my might.

Cold comfort like grave, this can not be right.

Insidious fuckwad, virus like Plague,

I hate you COVID, did you have to take,

My wife, my darling, my only soulmate,

Why go on living, Grim Reaper I wait.

"You stop right there!" I hear, is this a dream?

That's my wife's voice, where the hell have I been?

I was at the funeral, the coffin I've seen,

Was that only a scene within a dark dream?

I pick up my sword, still one job to do,

My body shivering, my hands shake now too.

The way of Samurai, quick bow, thank you

I kill my body, and that fucking bug too.

"You promised to live if I die" I hear your voice say

I look around Medicine wheel, and silently pray,

The comforts of crazy mind, I take if I may.

The voice of dead wife, I'm sure, begging to stay.

Day is still silent, as silent as night,

Just me and my wife are dead, it feels so right

Resistance was futile, gave up the fight.

Now both of us are dead, witnessing love's might.

© Lord Kvakku