Eyes open wide, fear evident, but why?
Panting heavily, sweat trickles down, breath becomes shallow, unable to move, I wonder why?

2 AM wakes me up, are there monsters in my head or what?
"Why always me?" I cry, no reply, in the dark, under the sky.

Making me ponder deeply, is this actuality or simply a nightmare?
Merely a nightmare? They torment me even in sleep's embrace,
As if daylight lacks the might to ease.

"Nightmares, nightmares, nightmares,"
I whisper to myself,
"All but dreams and illusions,"
I repeat, seeking solace.

But are they merely nightmares? Or is it the reality that I am not prepared to confront?

In the darkness of the night, solace eludes me, as only the reverberation of my unheard pleas haunts me, adrift in the abyss of my despair.
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