Dead as shit and I can't throw a fit
Living my life off well
Even though it feels like Hell
Dying inside but I am alive
This is good but it doesn't feel right

Is this as good as it gets?
Because if this is it
Then I'm concerned
Dead as Hell
Inside my mind
Everyone can tell

Laying down in my bed
Waiting for the apologies to write themselves
They won't, though, it's a tragedy
Dead as shit
But nothing fits

Pieces of the puzzle aren't matching
Like they did once before
Knock up on the back door
Who the fuck is at my house
I'm ready to burn it down

Anxiety reading its poetry to me
I feel horrible. I feel bleak
I am tired and and feeling weak
Somebody help me
But no one ever helped me

Dead as fuck
I have no luck
I wanna walk
Into the road
Hit by a truck

Destroy me, someone hurt me please
So I can tell if it's joke or if I should plead
Please, please, fine, I'll plead
Someone fucking murder me

Someone put me on my knees
Someone take my head away from me
Sounds dark, morbid, horrible
Sometimes even obscure

I am uncertain
I am unsure
Someone end me
And this misery

Is this as good as it gets?
Because if so then I'm afraid
Someone help me, kill me
I don't care, just take me away

Bring me death, bring me home
Let me rest, don't let me go
Someone tell me I'm okay
Because this is my doomsday

Shattered hopes and shattered drinks
Take it all away from me
Drag me back to Hell
So I can suffer in pieces

Dead as shit, I cannot throw a fit
Dead as fuck, I haven't ever had good luck
Dead as Hell, I have no other tales
Someone save me, save me from myself

© HenryKibermeschvask