Hard work

In the fields, under the sun's warm gaze,
Sweat beads form, marking the toil-filled days.
With calloused hands and steadfast will,
We toil on, our dreams to fulfill.

Through the night, the writer's pen does dance,
Crafting worlds with each poetic glance.
Words birthed from labor, line by line,
Hard work's essence in each verse divine.

Beneath the city's towering skyline,
Workers hustle, their efforts intertwined.
From dawn till dusk, they build and strive,
Their perseverance keeping dreams alive.

In the kitchen, amidst the sizzle and steam,
Culinary artists craft their dream.
With precision and passion, they create,
Each dish a testament to their fate.

From the classroom to the lab's bright light,
Seekers of knowledge pursue what's right.
Through study and experimentation,
They shape the future with determination.

Upon the stage, under the spotlight's glow,
Performers captivate, stealing the show.
Hours of practice, sweat, and tears,
Their dedication echoing through the years.

In every endeavor, big or small,
Hard work stands tall, conquering all.
For dreams are not mere fantasies,
But fruits of labor, born from deeds.

© boyon12..