Chasing Father Time

This Instance, Perception,
Isn't my view, What others truly decide to Choose,
To See, Defying the Laws Of Reality,
Stepping stones Eventually Collide with Deceptive Casualties,
Life Is Filled with Meaningless Arts and Crafts, And Sooner than later, The Paper cuts Back,
More fatal than a Heart attack,
And Distant and isolated than Pieces of Artifacts,
What the World is or Isn't,
Dreams And Nightmares leaves us conflicted,
The Presence is Present,
So Are we Alive or the Unliving?
Compare and Contrast the dynamics, It's your decision,

I kissed the hand of Father Time One, Two, three times,
Past, Present and Future,
My Wristwatch turned out to be an abuser,
As a Spacial Interface of a User,
A Controversial Computer,
Typing Into multiple Spaces,
AI Became Me, A Newer Replacement,
Unparalleled and Parallel Lines Are now Adjacent,
As Father time Is the only One I'm Chasing,
Replacement, Displacement,
Existence Is Non-existent,
Yet So Persistent to Follow Between the Distance

© HeartofSpade