ANTI - Social Media!
I'm sure that many of you realize now that social media is causing mental health issues with a number of young people especially those who are part of generation Z (born between 1996 to 2010)
Here is my little tribute to social media🤣

once upon a time, actually it was 11:15 a.m. on a sunny Wednesday morning!
members of Generation Z were merrily playing laughing joking and interacting with each other!
hugs handshakes and hurrahs not a care in the world!

Suddenly and without warning from over yonder a storm hit raining social media upon those gathered!
They say it was a pandemic the symptoms being fatigue, disturbed sleep, fear of missing out, stress, loneliness and anxiety, resulting in self-isolation and unrealistic realizations, jealousy and insecurities.

Scientists worked day and night to find a cure ? - eventually one was found!!
That by actually deleting the social media apps, resulted in a return to pre-pandemic positive mental health !!

The cure awaits you all !
Best of all it's free!!

© The Poetic Dinosaur🦖