Ad Infinitum (Not done loving you)
If the heart could falter,
mine's forged in steel.
Loving you through the pain and joys,
showing you how I feel.

I'm naught but a poet,
with a pen and a soul.
Doting on you with sweet ballades: I love you, my dearest love.

Love is a bottomless well,
and my feet could never,
touch the ground.
A boundless cascade,
for a hopeless romantic,
with a love profound.

I'm not done loving you,
there are unfinished verses in my song.
The lyrics may change,
but the melodies remain strong.

Each heartbeat whispers untold vows,
Unveiling the mysteries as the years bow.
Through every season, come joy or strife,
how could I stop loving you,
the essence of life?!

Beneath the sacred sky,
Let the stars bear witness,
let the heavens see,
I'll keep loving you through eternity.

Not done, nor ever shall be,
this love we share,
a journey unending,
a flame beyond compare.

Like an ever-blooming rose,
unfurling each petal,
My love for you, a tale endless,
a sentiment ethereal.

Forever and a day,
To infinity and beyond,
The peace and joy you seek,
I hope in love you shall find.

I'm not done loving you,
For in this love,
there is no such thing as time.

Ad Infinitum!

© NeyahTheSibyl