Sister's Whisper
In the void of memory, I roamed alone,
No sister's laughter, no kinship to own.
Feelings dormant, like petals in twilight's kiss,
She, my hidden sister, veiled in mist.

Childhood echoes, a puzzle incomplete,
Her presence, a secret melody so sweet.
I, a snowy cloud yearning for warmth's embrace,
Destiny's loom weaving threads of grace.

Then, behold! The curtain lifted, divine art,
Revealing her—my missing counterpart.
A boon disguised, her care a soothing stream,
My heart danced, no longer lost in dream.

Woes, like stubborn glue, once held me tight,
Yet her love, precise and pure, set things right.
I breathe, I live, since God's whispered decree,
Before her, mere existence; now, she's my symphony.

So here's to the sister found, a celestial grace,
In her embrace, I find solace and space.
Our bond, unspoken, yet woven in rhyme,
Two souls entwined—a whispered echo through time.
© Stupor