Awaken My Friends
Doors are meant to be Opened
Nobody knows the Demons that reside in your Heart, not even thee. But once thou hast become aware just what they are, it is a step into the unknown. (Leap of Faith) As you step to the door that leads you to the next level, it takes courage to open it. Be aware of the "soul mate" beside you. The Devil sends his Elite to stop you from Ascending to the next level of consciousness. Some never "see" anything but the game in their life. Caught in a delusional state, and easily led to the cliffs edge. I have the ability to make the Masses step off the cliff. Character and Morality allows me to choose whether you should step off or not. Because, I am the truth that can lead you to your doom. My gesture of "please, by all means" can lead you to a head on collision with a train, or to find the Woman of your Dreams. It all depends on how I feel that day. And yes.... Evil does at times shall rule me as well. For I am Man... And I have "Free Will". A curse in which I was born to. Like Satan himself, as he was cast down. Here, was his final resting place. As his Soul looks for a way out, as we.... And I
Heed my Warning, all ye that scramble over each other to find "The Answer". It is not here you will find the Lost Treasure of "The Man". Nero, the Torturer of Yeshua's Disciples started this game. And all you Sheep that follow it shall be led to the "Abyss" where Satan's likeness resides.
© Dale A Martinez