In Plain Sight
There are wall flowers shying away from the limelight
Then there are us funny folks hiding right in plain sight
Both are uses of protective prowess— shields for hearts
The success rate of both plots ambiguous on charts

I admire the flamboyant and the androgynous
But I’m striving to stay hidden— anonymous
A grade-A introvert in social situations
I love to cut short all and any conversations
I've no qualms sinking ships when it comes to relations

I have none yet I'm one of the patients in question
They keep giving but I'm not open to suggestion
I'm used to existing with this emote congestion

I scan 'round the room— I can't see through the waterfall
I'm sober but only talkative with alcohol
I scan 'cross the crowd— the masses all seem to cosplay
I don't open up— I only get deep come Monday

collab with DarrenDR
#inplainsight #guardedheart #rhyme
© danie_af