The betrayal
She cheated again, my heart feels sore,
A betrayal that cuts to the very core,
I gave her my love, my trust, my all,
But now I'm left with nothing but a fall.

The pain is real, it pierces deep,
As I lay here, unable to sleep,
Memories of her linger in my mind,
A love that was once so sweet and kind.

But now it's tainted, stained with lies,
A love that's lost, a heart that cries,
I thought we had something special,
But now it's gone, the flame's extinguished, dull.

She cheated again, and I'm left to mourn,
The love we had will never be reborn,
I'll pick up the pieces, try to move on,
But the scars she's left will never be gone.

© Rosely1998