Peace be still
(The people speak)
Captain sleep thou whilst we perish, Captain slumber not for the vessel creeketh, captain the tempest sour blow, appease the storm for we ought to see our kinsmen again, captain we have cried to Thor, rahesh cried to ganga, apollos to Poseidon but to no avail, Master awake thou lest we be made history.

(Jesus speaking)
What a disturbing movement, whilst you cut short my slumber, with the feathers of the fowl have I made a head rest, o ye thou of little faith, Peace be still ye sea, peace be still ye tempest, peace be still ye storm

(The people speaks)
We have seen a Ghost and we live, we no not that we have lain with God, even the tempest obeys his command, what sort man is this!
© Pauloleeforreal