A Stranger Concern
Sorry to bother you, but
You look like you've seen better days
Your clothes are worn, your eyes are grey
Where are you from, what's your story to say?

I come from Nigeria, a land of strife
Where hopes and dreams are often cut short in life
The government fails, the people suffer
Poverty and pain, a constant hover

But in the midst, a spirit still glows
A determination to rise, to make a way to go
You look at me, with a curious gaze
Wondering how I made it through the blaze

I tell you my story, of trials and strife
Of a nation's pain, and a people's life
The stranger listens, with a sympathetic ear
And for a moment, my burden's clear

He sees the tears, the scars, the pain
And knows that I've survived, against all odds and gain
He nods in understanding, with a gentle smile
And for a moment, I feel a sense of peace, for a while